the best laid plans

By: Diana Bradley

This is usually how the weekend goes in our household…

Friday night, we come up with some “brilliant” plan to show our infant son one of the many cultural landmarks of NYC. We map out how we will get there, how long it will take, what we will need to bring, the best time to begin our journey (factoring in eating and nap times).

Saturday morning: The journey begins. All goes well. We set off on time. The subway ride isn’t too hellish. We have some lunch. We get to our destination. And literally, the second we get there, baby falls asleep.

It’s weird when you have a kid. Because you find yourself doing a lot of things you’ve already done, just to see their reaction to it all. It’s mainly for them, not for you. Which might sound boring, but seeing their happiness and amazement is almost like experiencing it all again for the first time.

So when your kid is asleep when you get to the museum or the landmark you’ve been to a billion and five times, all you can really do is potter and meander around the place, hoping an ambulance or brass band will pass by to wake the little bugger up. And if that fails, just try to enjoy the place – again – on your own accord.

The worst is when the kid sleeps through the entire visit. Like decides to take a mega two-hour nap or something. And then wakes up as you’re walking back to the subway.

This is the best response I have ever seen to this sort of situation, and we may just have to try it one of these days.

Anyway, that’s pretty much what happened the other day on a trip to the Brooklyn Bridge (baby falling asleep – not placing him in weird scenarios while asleep – though we really should have).



It wasn’t so bad, as it’s a nice walk and I’d only been there once before myself. But baby fell asleep the moment we got there. Actually, he fell asleep after a cranky 10 minutes walking to the bridge from the subway.


Right before he fell asleep, I tried my best to get a picture of him. This was the nicest face he had for me.


At the moment, the bridge has a bit of construction work going on. So there were jackhammers, construction workers yelling – that sort of thing. And because of the construction, a walking lane was taken up, so the bicyclists and walkers were kind of on top of each other. Ultra fun to manoeuvre around with a stroller. A lot of bicycle bells were ringing in our ears.

But even with all of this going on, baby was sound asleep, off in pillow land. I am pretty sure he would have slept through this…

At the end of the stressful bridge walk I decided to reward myself with a treat from Wafels & Dinges. That’s right, I ate this for lunch. I’m disgusting.



2 thoughts on “the best laid plans

  1. Omg the car seat in the ball out and whatnot is hilarious!! Haha! Personally we don’t consider Kenzo much in our outings as far as what he will or will not be awake for or interested, he’s just the accessory that gets toted along! but I expect this will be changing within the next 6 months or so!

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